Mikhail Bronner


Shostakovich Prize Winner.
Winner of the «Silver Disk» for achievements in the arts of bayan of the Russian Academy of Music. Winner of the International «Theater-goer Star Award» 2017.

Вoard member of the Moscow Union of Composers, the chairman of the selection committee of the Union of Composers in Moscow, a member of the organizing committee of the annual International Festival «Moscow Autumn». M.Bronner is named «Composer of the Year» (2002) and «Person of the Year» (2013) (according to the newspaper «Muzykalnoe Obozrenie» (The Music Review).

Mr. Bronner is the author of about 400 compositions (see Principal Works) (fifteen operas, two ballets, symphonic, choral, vocal and chamber music) performed at concerts and festivals in Russia (from Moscow to Vladivostok) and abroad (Germany, USA, Austria, Canada, China, Monaco, Greece, Spain, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Egypt, Finland, India, Croatia, Bulgaria , Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Belarus, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova and Kazakhstan).

Works by Michael Bronner recorded on 44 CD. Married. He has a son and two grandchildren. His hobbies are fishing and skiing.